May eNewsletter and LAF Awards

President Trump’s 2018 proposed budget, published last week, again proposes to defund the Legal Services Corporation, the source of 45% of LAF’s annual funding. While this would have a devastating impact on LAF, we’ve doubled down on proving how important LAF is by working harder than ever at making sure that people living in poverty have a fair shot at justice. And people seem to have noticed! Just this month, our own Dolores Cole and the Community Engagement Unit were surprised with a Program Champion award from the Rush Generations program, for their work educating older adults on their rights. Volunteer John Held received the Federal Bar Association and the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois’ Excellence in Pro Bono and Public Interest Service Award. And Executive Director Diana White was honored by the Rotary Club of Chicago among their outstanding Women of the Year.
You can read about these awards, and much more, in LAF’s May eNewsletter, out now.
On behalf of everyone at LAF, as well as our and clients and communities, thank you for your continued support. Your gifts of time and money are our most steadfast and reliable source of income and they ensure that LAF will remain strong even as political winds blow.

Home Away from Home: Inside Katten De Diego Legal Clinic

fileIt’s 4 PM, and the students at Jose De Diego Community Academy have gone home for the day. LAF staff and pro bono volunteers gather in a small cluster of rooms in the school’s basement, in what used to be the nurses office. On the third Wednesday of each month, this tight space serves as headquarters for the Katten De Diego Legal Clinic, a partnership between Katten Muchin Rosenman and LAF that provides free legal services to low-income residents of surrounding west Wicker Park (or east Humboldt Park, depending on who you ask).

But tonight is particularly special, as the clinic will be closing its doors for the summer months and reopening in September. The hearty team of volunteers from Katten include two new faces, but most are the usual suspects—like Alyse Sagalchik, an Associate at Katten and a winner of LAF’s 2017 volunteer of the year award. “It’s a unique opportunity to do what I see as a moral obligation as lawyers—to dedicate our time and resources to help people who otherwise wouldn’t have legal representation,” she says. “It’s doing good for other people, but I also feel good doing it.”

The thermostat reads 83° and with only eight chairs, the waiting room is full before the clinic officially opens at 4:30. Keith Forrest, Litigation Paralegal Supervisor at Katten and one of the volunteers who helped open the clinic in April 2013, assigns volunteers to each of the four small offices (formerly examination rooms) where they meet one-on-one with clients. “The volume of clients we’re seeing has gone up. But we’ve learned to be more efficient, and gotten better at knowing what questions to ask,” says Jonathan Baum, Katten’s Director of Pro Bono Services and long-time volunteer at the clinic. “It’s my home away from home—I love this place.”

In another small room just off the waiting room area, volunteers process intake forms and consult with each other on cases. “It’s neat to see attorneys from the private sector come out to do this kind of work—not because they have to, but because they want to,” says Dana Harbaugh, AmeriCorps VISTA Attorney in charge of coordinating LAF’s legal clinics. Jared Heck, a Partner at Katten who specializes in healthcare litigation and a longtime member of LAF’s Young Professionals Board, is a prime example. “You can actually see and feel the difference that you’re making,” he says.

By 7 PM, the flurry of activity has slowed and the group prepares to close up shop for the season. The steadfast team of volunteers saw 16 clients in total. Katten will be taking on a number of their cases pro bono, even as the clinic is dark over the summer. With Katten’s pro bono volunteers and financial support, LAF will continue to provide the families of the Jose De Diego Academy and their neighbors with legal solutions to their civil problems.


Get Ready for #GivingTuesday!

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this year November 29th is #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving to celebrate the impact of philanthropy through raising funds and raising awareness. Join us again this year across social media to celebrate 50 amazing years of LAF’s important work and kick off the end-of-year giving season with another rousing day of #GTatLAF.  We’ve set a goal to raise $50,000 to celebrate LAF’s 50th Anniversary, and we need your help!

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On Giving Tuesday, make a donation at and we’ll send you an email with a sign to share and language you can copy onto facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin, and personal emails.  Then post your selfie or a video with your sign to share the impact LAF has had over the last half century and raise awareness about the importance of standing up for people who live in poverty.

We’ll be liking, sharing, thanking, and celebrating our work and our supporters all day, and we encourage you to get in on the fun!


Pro Bono Victory: Rahul’s Story

Roughly 21 million people are currently forced into labor worldwide. While official estimates are difficult to make as to how many of these people are within the United States, reports from social service agencies across the country agree that victims likely number in the tens of thousands. Labor trafficking is widespread and pervasive, but the stories of those individuals trapped in forced labor situations are often untold. Some of these stories end badly and others drag cruelly onwards with no end in sight. There are stories that end with freedom, and hope, but a positive ending often depends on the involvement of legal aid organizations like LAF and its partners.

This particular story begins in 2009, when Rahul fled political persecution in India. Arriving in Chicago, and taking a job at an Indian grocery store, he was taken advantage of, his passport and immigration documents held hostage, and he was forced to work long hours with little pay. Rahul was at the mercy of his trafficker in all things: housing, wages, work hours, and, effectively, his life and well-being. The living conditions provided him were squalid, crowded, and dangerous. For over three years he was forced to work 6 days a week for shifts of 12 to 17 hours, through illness and severe back pain. He was paid well below minimum wage and, for a few months, paid nothing at all. Any attempt at liberating himself was actively attacked by his trafficker, who obstructed Rahul’s immigration case and threatened him with handguns.

Fortunately, Rahul found LAF. With an attorney’s representation, he applied for a visa, but the attorney understood that they would face a severe hurdle due to the fact that Rahul’s passport did not list his surname. This would both complicate his immigration case and subsequently be an impediment to getting him an Illinois driver’s license and social security card.

In October of 2015, Daniel Cotter, a partner at law firm Butler Rubin Saltarelli & Boyd LLP as well as member of LAF’s Pro Bono Panel, volunteered to help Rahul obtain a name change to help move his immigration case forward smoothly. He prepared the necessary petitions and accompanied Rahul to court; Daniel’s representation led to a successful name change that may have been delayed otherwise. The judge even told Rahul and Daniel that he could sympathize with the situation, having been born abroad during WWII without a birth certificate. In an additional act of incredible generosity and human kindness, Butler Rubin paid for the cost of the case’s publication and three certified copies of Rahul’s name change.

Since his name change, Rahul’s immigration case has progressed without complication and, with LAF’s help, he has applied for both a social security card and an Illinois driver’s license. He is slowly but surely getting his life back.

There are an estimated 5.2 million people living in Cook County, and about 1.5 million of those people qualify for free legal aid. However, there are limited agencies with limited resources available to service those living in unlivable circumstances. LAF is the largest in the area, but even  LAF was only able to serve about 15-20% of the people who reached out to the organization for assistance in 2015 – a rate mirrored by legal aid service providers throughout the United States. Pro Bono volunteers like Daniel help fill in that gap. The road to Rahul’s freedom from forced labor would have been very different if not for the dedication of Butler Rubin and the time, expertise, and support of Daniel.  Their shared belief in law as a resource that should be available to all has unquestionably altered Rahul’s life for the better.

You can read more about Daniel’s victory for Rahul on Butler Rubin’s blog here.  If you’re interested in volunteering with LAF to help clients like Rahul make better lives, you can sign up for our Pro Bono Panel here.

Americorps VISTA Service Opportunity

LAF has an exciting opportunity for an AmeriCorps VISTA to fill the position of Health Care Access Outreach Coordinator. In this position the VISTA will work with the Director of the Public Benefits Practice Group to increase the number of low-income people meaningfully accessing healthcare through the ACA and Medicaid by increasing health insurance literacy in Cook County and helping identify and strategizing to address specific obstacles to literacy/access identified in our region. In addition, the VISTA will aid in protecting health insurance coverage for Medicaid recipients by increasing awareness of Medicaid redetermination, utilization control, and other initiatives and educating the community and social service providers about legal rights to continued access to health care.

Job description: LAF’s Health Care Access Outreach Coordinator VISTA will conduct outreach and community education on health care insurance availability, eligibility, use of benefits and maintaining benefits; educate low-income communities and those who serve them about the eligibility, enrollment, redetermination, and managed care to improve health insurance literacy and appropriate health insurance use, informing them of their legal rights in order to improve their continued access to health care; and improve health care insurance enrollment processes, eligibility redetermination processes and managed care delivery processes by identifying problems and assisting in formulation of recommendations to address them.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Good writing skills
  • Comfortable with community outreach and public speaking
  • Background with public benefits and Medicaid preferred
  • Excellent organizational skills

Other Considerations:  AmeriCorps VISTA members earn a living stipend at the local poverty level. This is a 365-day position, with the possibility of extension or renewal of up to one year. Individuals are not able to hold another paying position while serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA, but are able to pursue education as long as it does not interfere with service responsibilities and is approved by a supervisor.

Program Benefits: A living allowance ($1,026/month), choice of Education Award ($5,730) or End of Service Stipend ($1,500) upon successful completion of service, childcare assistance if eligible, health coverage, life insurance, relocation allowance, and professional development opportunities. In addition, LAF provides a monthly transit pass and a $200/month rental supplement.

Term of service: July 20, 2015 to July 19, 2016. The exact start date will be determined by the AmeriCorps VISTA program.

To Apply: Submit a VISTA application through the MyAmeriCorps website by Tuesday, May 12th. If technical troubles with the website arise, please email  This position will be filled by an AmeriCorps VISTA member. To qualify for AmeriCorps VISTA, you must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or lawful permanent resident.

February 2015 eNewsletter

We love our volunteers, and we celebrate them in our February enewsletter!
With funding always a challenge, one way we continue to serve as many clients as possible is through the generous dedication of our many LAF volunteers. Last year, more than 450 volunteers joined our ranks to serve clients. Among them, we have a number of incredible Pro Bono Counsel volunteer staff members, who have desks and offices at LAF, who come to work sometimes three and four days a week without pay, and who love our mission. We also host a group of AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers, young people who are dedicating a year of their lives to community service and bettering their communities. We could not do the work we do without all of their help, and we are grateful.
If you would like to join our devoted corps of volunteers, or if you’d like more information about volunteering with LAF, check out our February eNewsletter, or visit our website at