Legal Aid Matters Episode 2 with Larry Wood

Episode 2 of LAF’s new podcast Legal Aid Matters podcast is now available. The show features Larry Wood, Director of our Housing Practice Group, in conversation with host Nubia Willman.

Larry has spent the last 28 years at LAF, and in that time become a leading expert on housing-related issues that affect people in poverty, especially those residing in public housing. His conversation with host Nubia Willman touches on Matthew Desmond’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book Evicted, how housing instability causes poverty, and how LAF intervenes to prevent homelessness by stopping unfair evictions. Larry, who also happens to be most decorated New Yorker caption contest winner of all time, also shares a little advice for aspiring humorists.

To stream or download the show, click here, visit, or search “Legal Aid Matters” on Apple Podcasts. There, you can also subscribe to the show so you never miss an episode.


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