Meet Gracie Gramelspacher, Eagle-Eyes

If Gracie Gramelspacher had a superpower, she says she’d want to fly.  But it’s not so she could get away from things – it’s to be able to see everything.  “It’s about the view.”

IMAG1121.jpgGracie is a paralegal in LAF’s Immigrants and Workers’ Rights Practice Group, where she has a unique view of LAF’s work with immigrants, victims of domestic violence, and non-English-speaking clients.  Her work allows her to look at clients’ cases from a bird’s eye view and help survivors of violence and abuse find immigration solutions, including U-Visas and protections under the Violence Against Women Act.  She does client intake, gathers records, and presents cases to attorneys.  She also works directly with clients to help them gather documents and fill out very complicated U.S. Citizenship and Immigration forms – which are all in English, even though most of her clients are primarily Spanish speakers.

On those clients, she says: “I so admire the strength it takes, to survive and then report the domestic violence and assaults my clients see.  I’m learning about the cycle of domestic violence and what it means for the individuals living in that reality.  I want people to share that admiration, to see our clients as strong and resilient.  I often think of what I do as clients sharing their stories with me.  There’s a mutual respect and gratitude in what I do, and it means a lot.”

With a view like that, no wonder Gracie is a superhero everyone wants on their side!

Your support enables LAF to continue connecting survivors of abuse with heroes like Gracie. Make your tax-deductible contribution for 2017 at


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