May eNewsletter and LAF Awards

We’ve doubled down on proving how important LAF is by working harder than ever at making sure that people living in poverty have a fair shot at justice. And people seem to have noticed!

‘Reporting for Duty’ at the Veterans Legal Clinic

According to the CHALENG for Veterans Progress Report, legal assistance is one of the greatest unmet needs among veterans. In fact, legal issues make up 5 of the 10 greatest unmet needs CHALENG identifies, including legal assistance for eviction/foreclosure prevention, help restoring driver’s licenses, child support, and outstanding warrants and fines. Thanks to LAF’s Veterans…

Human Trafficking in the News and LAF’s TSAP Work

The Atlantic recently published a poignant article that details how a family enslaved a Filipino woman, forcing her into domestic servitude, for decades. For many readers, this article exposed them to the insidious nature of human trafficking. LAF works to fight trafficking every day.

Home Away from Home: Inside Katten De Diego Legal Clinic

It’s 4 PM, and the students at Jose De Diego Community Academy have gone home for the day. LAF staff and pro bono volunteers gather in a small cluster of rooms in the school’s basement, in what used to be the nurses office. On the third Wednesday of each month, this tight space serves as…