Heartwarming Card from Client

In this charged political climate, it’s hard sometimes to remember the everyday impact of our work at LAF.  We can get caught up talking about the impact proposed funding cuts would have on our agency or the impact proposed policies would have on our clients.  But what LAF does every day has nothing to do with politics.  Every day we work to make a difference in peoples’ lives, one client at a time.

And often, it’s those clients who break through that fog of distractions and remind us about the core of our mission.  A few days ago, Karen Doran, a Staff Attorney in our Immigrants and Workers’ Rights Practice Group, got a card from a client that did just that.  The client had been unfairly denied unemployment benefits and was facing all sorts of financial problems.  Karen’s advocacy won her the benefits to which she was entitled.  Karen was just doing her job, but the client’s effusive gratitude is a ringing reminder of the real impact LAF’s work can have in a client’s life.  She sent the following note in a card to Karen:

The card reads: “I want to thank you and your agency for everything that you did for me.  Have no doubt that what you do is a most honorable profession. You have the ability to right wrongs, give hope to the hopeless, and through your mastery of the law you have the potential to change lives.  It is no small thing.  You are my hero and champion!  I am profoundly grateful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

And it reminded us what we do:  right wrongs, give hope to the hopeless, and change lives.  That is the real impact of LAF.  And clients like this one remind us of it when we need it most.


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