Standing up to Bullies

LAF stands up to bullies.

Every day, the attorneys, paralegals, and staff at LAF work tirelessly to defend people living in poverty from those who would prey on them.  We have protected seniors from scheming contractors looking to take advantage of them.  We have faced down slumlords refusing to provide adequate and safe living conditions for their renters.  We have litigated against abusive spouses and murderous boyfriends trying to hurt or kill.  We have fought back against overworked government offices discriminating against the poor, the minority, and the disabled.  And we have stood with immigrants and victims of human trafficking as they have sought their fair share of the American Dream – and you can read more about one of those immigrants’ stories in our January eNewsletter here.

In a world where it may seem like the bullies are winning, LAF is still here to make it a fair fight.  We are committed to ensuring that justice doesn’t depend on financial influence.  We are committed to proving that the lives of people living in poverty matter.  We are committed to showing, every day, that standing up to bullies at every level is what makes America great.

Thank you for your standing up with us.




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