Ian Jackson Stands for…Empowerment

ian-jacksonShortly after graduating college, Ian Jackson and his roommates ran into an issue with their landlord. Frustrated and unsure how to proceed, they reached out to student legal services for guidance. After meeting with a legal assistant, they took the issue to small claims court and won their case. “That experience inspired me to go to law school,” Ian says. “That feeling of empowerment was something I wanted to be able to offer to other people—more agency in their own lives, facing their own challenges.”

As a Fellowship Attorney in LAF’s Housing Practice Group, Ian now works directly with people in poverty to ensure they have a safe, affordable place to live. “Having a decent, stable place to live is one of the basic foundations of life,” he says. And with a stable foundation, individuals and families can build better, healthier lives. “It’s often a stepping stone for people to move in a different direction with their lives or recover from a setback, or take steps to move forward with various goals for themselves and their families.”

Your support helps LAF move forward, so that attorneys like Ian can empower more people to build better lives for themselves and their families. Make your tax-deductible contribution for 2016 at www.lafchicago.org.


One thought on “Ian Jackson Stands for…Empowerment

  1. Ian – great work you’re doing. And I’m finding “Just Mercy” sooo powerful. Almost done and I plan to send it around to friends. Thanks.


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