Anakin Morris Stands for…Running the Show

anakinpictureToday we celebrate Anakin Morris, Associate Director of External Relations, whose work is in marketing and fundraising for LAF. He explains in his own words what his work at LAF means to him:

“I did a lot of theatre in college, and I’d always tell people that if they saw me on stage something had gone terribly wrong. I was a director, a designer, a stage manager, but never an actor. And here at LAF, I’m still behind the scenes.  I never really see myself as the doer of amazing things, I’m just in the background, making sure things are lined up and in place for everyone else to do amazing things. Even when I do really cool stuff – like, we raised almost $75,000 on #GivingTuesday last week – I see that not as a notch in my belt as a fundraiser, but as enough cash to pay one more attorney’s salary, so that one more person can help hundreds more people in our community get the help they need.

I tell the attorneys and paralegals around here, jokingly, that they can’t do what they do without me.  But it’s really the other way around: what I do is meaningless without them doing the actual work of the mission of LAF.”

You can stand with Anakin and help keep LAF going strong for the next 50 years, by making your tax-deductible donation for 2016 to LAF at


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