Dolores Cole Stands for…Engagement


To best serve a community, you need to understand its needs. No one knows this better than Dolores Cole, LAF’s enthusiastic Outreach Coordinator. “I’m bringing the knowledge I receive outside of LAF back to LAF, to help us better serve our community,” she says.

Dolores’ primary focus is on the growing population of seniors in underserved communities across Cook County. “Many seniors don’t want to talk about their issues, so we get out in the community to figure out what’s going on. I started asking people—what are you thinking about in the future?” Through these conversations, seniors share information about their needs and concerns, and LAF is able to help them.

Dolores grew up on the West side of Chicago, and as a senior herself and the primary caretaker for her mother, she can personally relate to many of the challenges seniors face. “When I’d go with my mom to appointments, I would talk to seniors and found that they had a common issue—and it’s that they want to be empowered.”

Year-end donations to LAF enable Dolores and her dedicated colleagues to bring workshops to the community designed to empower seniors and other underserved populations. Show your support for their invaluable work by making your tax deductible contribution for 2016 at


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