September 2016 eNewsletter

Fall is here and the leaves are turning, the air is cooling and the days are getting shorter.  But at LAF, we’re always working long days and at full speed, including sharing our September eNewsletter.

Just this month, the Board, YPB, and staff responsible for the Golf Outing had another great success on a beautiful fall day to raise funds and awareness for LAF’s mission.  Paralegal Lisa Hilleren is out in the city every day helping ensure people have access to the benefits they deserve.  Attorney Myka Held is helping clients like Shannon and Maddie keep their families together and safe from kidnapping and abuse.

We’re also looking back at our past, recognizing 30 years of an impactful housing legislation protecting renters from unscrupulous landlords, celebrating more than a decade of teamwork with residents of the Cabrini-Green Housing Development in a neat interactive digital timeline, and revealing our newly-published 2015 Annual Report.

You can read about all of those stories, and much more, in this September eNewsletter.  On behalf of everyone who does this work every day, and everyone who benefits from our services and your support, thank you.


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