“A Breath of Fresh Air”

Sometimes, all a person needs is to feel heard.  This particular story comes from a woman who wasn’t even a client of LAF.  One of our attorneys reached out to her to confirm the details of her problems and determine if we could take her case, and she was so grateful.  Just having someone recognize her and let her know of the possibility that she may get legal representation was enough to bring her real comfort.  This is a very common sentiment from our clients, who often feel ignored by so many. She sent this email to the attorney:

“Thank you so much for contacting me. You have no idea how much this means to me when I thought all was lost, then you called me and this gave me a breath of fresh air. I have struggled with my situation with loss of sleep and fear. Thank you so much again for being a blessing in my life.”

This is the impact LAF can have, even before we step in and provide legal assistance.  We are able to recognize people in times they feel most helpless, and hear them out.


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