Let’s Do Lunch

The First in LAF’s 2016 Brownbag Roundtable Series: Meet the LAF Housing Practice Group

IMG_0671IMG_0669The LAF Housing Practice Group has been doing pioneering work of late.  Some cases have created headlines, like the win for Cabrini-Green residents that’s been covered across local news.  Other cases are poised to be groundbreaking, involving civil rights issues like gender inequality and racial disparity that have just begun to garner long-deserved media attention.  Even others are stories that never get told but have a significant impact on a person or family or community.  Attorneys Dennericka Brooks, Neha Lall, Larry Wood, and Lizzie Rosenthal took time over lunch today to talk about the Housing Practice Group’s accomplishments and the trails they continue to blaze. “It’s an uphill battle,” said Dennericka, “but I’m ready to fight. We’re ready to fight.”

Often, LAF’s incredible work remains understated to all but the clients whose lives they’ve helped change for the better.  By bringing back the Brownbag Roundtable Series, LAF has invited other attorneys and social service workers to engage with the organization’s day-to-day victories, its phenomenal staff, and gain further insight into the crucial public service legal aid is.

The Housing Practice Group is the first of this year’s series, and it was a powerful start.  With four other practice groups and newly established medical-legal partnerships, there are plenty more thought-provoking ways to spend a lunch hour coming soon.


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