Supreme Court Victory and March 2016 eNewsletter

In this month’s eNewsletter, we shared a story of victory at the Illinois Supreme Court.  Last fall, LAF attorneys Miriam Hallbauer and Tim Huizenga appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court on behalf of a client who was denied unemployment insurance benefits even though her former employer had no evidence she’d violated any workplace policies.  This was the first misconduct case the Court had heard in years, and lower courts had substantially watered down the misconduct requirement (which disqualified a worker from getting benefits), from a deliberate violation of a known rule to anything the employer could call misconduct.  Because of Miriam and Tim’s work, the Illinois Supreme Court handed down an opinion that squarely rejects the lower courts’ interpretations, noting that “an employee should not be disqualified unless she engages in conduct she knew was prohibited.”  This decision will have an enormously beneficial impact for our clients and others seeking unemployment insurance benefits.

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