Mary Ann’s Story

An LAF client has been in the Chicago news lately, and while her story is unique, it is not surprising.  We see people like Mary Ann every day: innocent victims discriminated against by overburdened systems.

When Mary Ann refused to let her daughter’s abusive ex-boyfriend enter her apartment, he poured gasoline in the windows and set her public housing unit on fire.  After months of hospitalization and painful recovery, she faced homelessness because the housing authority blamed her for the fire damage and refused to rent her a new apartment.  With LAF’s help, Mary Ann is settled into a new public housing unit, where she and her daughter are safe from abuse.

You can read more of Mary Ann’s story in the Chicago Tribune here, and on the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law’s blog here.  Because of the incredible efforts of LAF attorney Neha Lall and many others, Mary Ann is safe from homelessness and able to move forward with her life.


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