Eli Wade-Scott’s LAF is…reaction.

EliLAF addresses needs; one of the ways in which it does that is through Eli Wade-Scott, Skadden Fellow Attorney in the Housing Practice Group and the Healthy Housing Advocacy Project. An example of social justice action, LAF is also an example of the limitations placed upon powerful work due to a severe lack of resources. “The Housing Project is very limited by the number of people that are here.” Eli elaborates, “(When I arrived)…the only thing the housing group was doing, largely, was eviction defense. We wanted to have an affirmative project that helps people who weren’t being evicted solve their housing problems.”

Eli’s position at LAF is a reaction, a tangible solution to a flaw the Housing Practice Group identified within its own ranks. LAF is, in itself, a reaction, an organization of socially minded people recognizing and combatting faults in the Chicago legal system. At its heart, it is an act of social responsibility.

Eli is from Chicago, and his desires for his home extend far beyond himself. His choice of profession comes from his investment in his hometown and the other 2,722,389 people (and counting) he shares it with:  “I want this city to be a place where I want to live, to try to help put this city together in a way that is inclusive.”

By investing in LAF you are investing in equal justice and helping to make it a Chicago priority. Support the expanding work of Eli and his colleagues and donate at www.lafchicago.org today.


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