James A. Brady’s LAF is…agency.

Jim BradyJames A. Brady, Supervisory Attorney of the Consumer Practice Group, has been with LAF since 1989, and we are lucky to have his critical mind on board, as well as his convictions: “I believe in a life of service. I think everybody has that obligation, but I think some people hear it more strongly than others. I think once you realize the privilege that you have, once you come to terms with that, you have a choice: you either just keep taking advantage of it, or you use it to negate it.”

LAF exists because of people who believe in their own agency, their ability to be a force in social progress. The way the current legal system stands – full of good intentions, but inaccessible to the people who need it most – can unfortunately preserve privilege. “Wealth is where things change,” Jim observes. Organizations like LAF exist to, in Jim’s words, “force that change one case at a time.”

“These days, I practice law because the intersection of poverty and race is dramatic. I measure what we do home by a home, and I think the reason I do that is because home ownership is wealth. A lot of times in our communities, a home represents a generation of wealth. So my job, my goal, is to save that wealth because if you can save that house, that equity, that’s what it’s all about. That is supposed to be the American Dream.”

Individual contributions help LAF remain an agent of social change, one case at a time. When you provide LAF with much-needed unrestricted funds, you enable attorney’s like Jim to provide top-quality legal services to people in need. Make your tax-deductible gift to LAF today at www.lafchicago.org.


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