Butch Litwhiler’s LAF is…teamwork.

Butch 2Amidst the maze of offices and cubicles that is LAF, Butch Litwhiler stands out. He chalks it up to his formidable work experience in factories and the intense environment working with heavy machinery creates, and he could be right. (Of course, it could also have something to do with his impressive height.) As Office Manager of Records and Facilities, Butch is in charge of making sure safety standards are upheld and that the space is kept clean and looking good. It can seem as basic as wiping up spilled coffee so no one slips and hurts themselves, but there’s a saying from the factories that Butch uses to sum up the bigger picture:

“It’s either we work together and we move forward, or we work separately and one of us goes on our way.”

We can make progress as a team or we can move on alone. This concept applies to society as a whole, and it certainly applies to the work we do at LAF. Whether an attorney is poring over the details of a case alone in their office, an office assistant is welcoming clients at the front desk, or a paralegal is dashing out of a client interview to make copies of documents, it all boils down to functioning together- it’s about teamwork.

“It’s not just me,” says Butch, “It’s together. We are always willing to listen, to speak up at anytime, and we always try to improve if we can improve on something. My door is an open door. We need to help each other. It’s not just attorneys and paralegals helping people in need, it’s us helping each other to make what we do here easier.”

You can be a part of the LAF team by donating time, money, or both. Individual contributions provide LAF with much-needed unrestricted funds, supporting the support work of people like Butch, who empower the rest of the staff to focus on providing essential legal services to people in need. You can make your tax-deductible gift to LAF before the end of the year at www.lafchicago.org.


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