Bryan Edwards’ LAF is…interaction.

BryanOne of the most interesting parts of Bryan Edwards’ job is watching how people interact with their computers. As a Computer Specialist in Information Technology- and one of the people we call in a near panic when our computers seem to turn against us- he gets to see the relationships people have with their computers up close and in all their shades.

“What people do with their computers and what they don’t do, and what they should do, but don’t do. It really differs from person to person. I like helping them. I help the people that help people.”

Some people look at TVs and see the possibility of a show; Bryan looks at a TV and wants to get inside it and see how it works.

“I’ve always been interested in the backings of things, how things are set up and what makes them work. I was the kid who opened up my TV, the lawnmower, anything with an engine or moving parts. I would just open it up to see how it works and figure out how to stop it from working. Or if it was broken, how could I fix it?”

As much as he loves technology, Bryan has also always enjoyed helping people; his position at LAF is a perfect marriage of the two. We’re thankful he’s around with all the answers to all our computer questions (and there are a lot).

Your support helps people like Bryan keep LAF plugged in and running efficiently in an age where technology can make or break an organization. Donate at today.


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