Lawrence Wood’s and Jennifer Payne’s LAF is…variety.

LWoodTwo recognizable faces at LAF are that of Lawrence Wood, Director of the Housing Practice Group, and Jennifer Payne, Supervisory Attorney in the Children and Families Practice Group. They’ve tirelessly advocated on behalf of Chicago’s most vulnerable communities for over 25 years, and they’ve had a profound impact on many lives – including each other’s.

“I have Jennifer review things I’ve done and I talk to her about strategy, “Larry says. “We’re not in the same area, but it’s useful if we want to try out a theory on someone who’s not a specialist in the area. Jennifer can kind of use me as a blank slate too.”

“Or just a civil procedure question,” Jennifer adds. “There are some procedural things that are relevant across all areas of law. I’ll call Larry and say, ‘Here’s a procedural problem that came up in one of these cases, what do you think if I do this, or if I do that?'”

LAF is not only the largest legal aid organization in Chicago, but also one of the most varied in its practice. It is, in many ways, a one-stop legal service shop, and both our clients and our staff take full advantage of it.

Jenn Payne“When I have a client who I’m representing in a divorce case and she’s being evicted from her home, I can refer her to an attorney who does eviction work,” Jennifer explains. “Or if she’s wrongfully losing her utilities, I can refer her to a consumer attorney. There is no other place in town that can provide the type of holistic civil legal services that LAF provides. That’s really what we’re known for: cross-representation on multiple legal issues with one client.”

Larry agrees: “LAF has always been that way, I think. Brilliant people right here in the agency, at your disposal.”

Your support makes it possible for our outstanding attorneys to work together to help people living in poverty. Individual contributions provide LAF with much-needed unrestricted funds, enabling people like Larry and Jennifer to provide top-flight legal services to the people who need them most, in whatever areas they need them. Make your tax-deductible gift to LAF before the end of the year at


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