Ruby Isom’s LAF is…purpose

Automating attendance records, developing training and education resources, revising the Collective Bargaining Agreement, overseeing employee recognition week: these are just a few of the things of which Ruby Isom, Chief Operating Officer at LAF, has been the heart. She came to LAF in 2012 with clear purpose: put structure and functionality into systems to create critical resources.

Ruby Isom“Have some vision, have some ownership,” Ruby says, giving insight into how she motivates herself and others to dream big and build strong from the bottom up. “Speak life into things and stay positive and don’t receive anything other than focusing on the outcome you desire.”

Ruby’s positivity and her vision permeate the foundations of daily life at LAF. Talk to anyone who has come into contact with her and her work – and that’s everyone at LAF – and it’s not uncommon to hear: “That’s thanks to Ruby!”

“I enjoy doing purposeful work. Quint Studer says it best so I’ll quote him: ‘People like to do purposeful work while making a difference.’ That’s me. I think everybody likes to know that the work they’re doing makes a difference.”

One of the reasons Ruby is able to have such an impact on LAF and, in turn, the people it serves is because of your support. Individual contributions provide LAF with much-needed unrestricted funds, enabling the staff to provide top-quality legal services to the people who need them. Make your tax-deductible gift to LAF today at


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