Virginia Sandoval’s LAF is…priorities.

Virginia Sandoval (2)The LAF Client Services Unit (CSU) phone line opens promptly at 8am, and it gets busy quickly. If a client or potential client cannot get through to CSU, their next point of contact is often the front desk. That’s one of the many points in the daily movement of LAF where Office Assistants Irma Amaro, Feliciana Torres, and Office Manager Virginia Sandoval come in.

“I don’t know what I would do without Irma and Feliciana,” Virginia says. “They are great. They can have a client dealing with something terrible and unjust, but they still smile as they help them. They are professional and always willing to work. They go beyond the call of duty to help the clients.”

Virginia calls it a gift: the ability to navigate immense pressure with grace, and it’s a helpful gift to have when your position is at the front desk. For anyone working at LAF, it doesn’t take a lot to remind them of why they do what they do. They meet their reasons every day. Virginia has worn many hats over the course of her 35 years at LAF, but while her positions have changed, her priorities have not. Her belief in these priorities are what keep her and her team smiling and solid.

“This morning we had problems with the printer on the 10th floor, we needed to make copies for a client, we had a delivery person trying to get us to sign off on a package – and we had to make sure that the delivery’s complete – I have someone waiting who wants to buy raffle tickets. All of this is happening at the same time. But my priority is the clients. That’s our goal: to serve the clients first. I don’t leave a client waiting because I have to troubleshoot the printer. I’ll tell the attorney or whoever it is: ‘Could you please select another printer? I have to attend to a client.’ We first help a client and then whatever’s next. We prioritize.”

LAF’s number one priority is equal justice. We can do the work we do because of your help. Make equal justice one of your priorities as well and make your tax-deductible donation for 2015 to LAF at



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