Carolyn Carlton’s LAF is…steady.

IMG_9005LAF is an organization of many moving parts, and moving parts work best when anchored to something; that’s where our incredible Administrative and Support Staff come in. These hard-working individuals maintain a stable center, keeping daily necessities running smoothly so that attorneys and paralegals can devote themselves fully to their clients. “I love what they do and they seem to love what they do. I don’t think they’d be here if they didn’t,” says Carolyn Carlton, Office Assistant Volunteer and the magic behind the mailroom. “This is not a place you just come to and need a job. It’s not like that.”

Carolyn has been working in legal services for over a decade, and she’s seen enough to know that organizations like LAF are run by something a little different than the rest. “The difference is money,” Carolyn explains, “Always money. I’ve always wanted to work for a not-for-profit organization, an organization that actually helps people hands-on. That’s what social responsibility means to me: being here, being the foundation, the ground floor, of what LAF is doing.”

It’s a phrase we’ve revisited again and again in this blog series: “social responsibility.” It takes on different forms for different people, but the key principles of feeling part of a community and finding value in helping that community remain the same. For Carolyn, who’s had her hands in everything from Accounting to Human Resources, her feelings of social responsibility manifest themselves in a variety of ways. At the moment, she’s greeting employees – panicked and searching for important mail – with a smile, a solution, and the steady conviction that things will work out.

“I think that’s a way I help contribute, just being calm and rational and not getting excited over the little things,” Carolyn chuckles, “C’mon, it’s going to be okay!”



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