Stephanie Bogdan’s LAF is…rules.

“I was always that kid,” Stephanie Bogdan laughs, “‘You’re not following the rules! This is the rule. Why aren’t you following it?'”

Stephanie BogdanA Staff Attorney in the Public Benefits Practice Group, Stephanie helps clients from Chicago’s most vulnerable communities emerge from the life-altering situations that arise when rules – created for their protection – are broken. She describes her career as a “compulsion,” a deep-rooted drive to be a part of the force standing between right and wrong.  You can read more about Stephanie in last month’s eNewsletter here.

“I want things to be right. I think that’s an advantage of working at LAF: we can take the cases we want. We take cases from super vulnerable populations, because we’re not expecting them to pay us. Especially for social security. We can really do this for this person what no one else would. Literally, no one else in the city would take this case. We can look at a case for what it is instead of what we can gain from it.”

Law traverses lines drawn by socioeconomic status, race, sexual identity, and gender, and, ideally, is unhindered in its reach. However, in practice, law is often limited, money a frequent deciding factor when it comes to justice.  This is the fault in the system that Stephanie works to eliminate. It’s why she works at LAF. In Stephanie’s words: “Equal justice is when the rules apply the same way to everyone.”

With your help, we can make equal justice a reality.  Your gifts enable LAF to support the work of Stephanie and her colleagues.  Make your tax-deductible donation for 2015 to LAF at


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