Lizzie Rosenthal Wins LCBH Award

We are so proud to congratulate LAF Supervisory Attorney Lizzie Rosenthal for being chosen as this year’s Barbara Grau Outstanding Housing Advocate by the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing.  Lizzie is being recognized for her work in removing discriminatory barriers the prevent people from obtaining quality housing; for assisting low-income tenants in defending their rights to affordable housing; displaying exemplary leadership in the preservation of the identity and character of neighborhoods through affordable housing; and addressing the deterioration of affordable housing through community and citywide advocacy.

LizzieLCBHawardWe are proud of Lizzie’s forceful advocacy for tenants in our client community, especially her recent accomplishments on the litigation to stop the Chicago Housing Authority from decreasing housing opportunities for tenants previously displaced from the Cabrini-Green Public Housing Development. After a very long-fought battle, the settlement in that case will vastly increase the number of tenants who will be able to live affordably in the high-opportunity Near North neighborhood—with access to good schools, public transportation, and employment opportunities.

Pictured above, (L-R) LAF Director of Advocacy Rich Wheelock, LAF Housing Practice Group Director Larry Wood, Lizzie, and LAF Supervisory Attorney Miriam Hallbauer celebrated Lizzie’s success at the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing’s Annual Benefit earlier this week.  Congratulations, Lizzie!


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