Hospitals Partnering with Lawyers to Improve Healthcare

A wonderful video premiered on PBS NewsHour earlier this month, profiling medical-legal partnerships in Nebraska.  Medical-legal partnerships allow lawyers and doctors to work together to address the causes and consequences of illness and build a path to long-term health. For those living in poverty like LAF’s clients, health issues can trigger legal problems, and legal issues can exacerbate chronic health problems.

The doctor in the video explains:  “I ran a medical-legal partnership, and came to find that I could not practice medicine without that.  We are learning that we really are impacting health. So, if we can get somebody reinstated with their insurance plan, then they’re going to be able to afford to take their anti-hypertension medication and their blood pressure’s going to be improved. And who would’ve thought of that — that an attorney’s going to fix somebody’s blood pressure?”

LAF partners with many hospitals and medical systems across Cook County in these sorts of groundbreaking projects to use local data-driven approaches to improve health and fight poverty for the people of Chicagoland.  Watch the video here to learn more about this important work.


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