YPB Ambassador in the Spotlight: Chris Schneider

Right after LAF’s Golf Outing in 2014, LAF Young Professionals Board member Chris Schneider came to us and asked to help lead the efforts to plan the event in 2015.  Schneider, a Director in KPMG’s Forensic Practice, has been working hard since then with co-chair Joe Pedota to make the 2015 LAF Golf Outing the best one yet – the 2015 Outing will feature a fun app for golfers to track scores across the course, a few new contests and prizes, and lots of great swag in the golfer goodie bag.

SchneiderChris joined the YPB in 2012, after attending a few YPB events with a friend already serving on the Board.  “After seeing how passionate some of my peers were about LAF, and how much fun everyone seemed to have being on the YPB, I decided to join,” Schneider recently told us.  “I have enjoyed getting to know other members of the Board better, and becoming more invested in its success over the past few years.  Stepping into a leadership role on the Executive Committee this year, to plan the Golf Outing with Joe has been a great experience.”

We figured if someone volunteered to plan a Golf Outing they must enjoy golfing, so we decided to ask Chris a little bit about his background in golf:

LAF: How long have you been golfing?
CS: I’ve been golfing on and off since I was 17 years old.

LAF: Do you consider yourself competitive, or is it more of a leisure activity for you?
CS: I’m very competitive, but I have also accepted that I don’t play enough anymore to be as good as I was when I was younger.

LAF: What are you better at – putting or driving?
CS: Usually putting.

LAF: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you out on the golf course?
CS: My most embarrassing moment is always a shanked wedge after a great drive in the middle of the fairway, and it usually happens at least once a year.

Chris, we hope next Monday you hit nothing but great drives in the middle of the fairway.  Thank you for all of your hard work to make this year’s event a fun and exciting day to benefit LAF.

Interested in getting in on the fun? We have a few slots left to fill! Get your last-minute tickets here!


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