Joe Pedota and The Claro Group: YPB Member and Golf Outing Sponsors

Young Professionals Board Member Joe Pedota, a Director in The Claro Group’s Government Contract Consulting practice, has been a crucial part in making this year’s upcoming Golf Outing possible.  Not only is he one of our Golf Outing co-chairs, alongside Chris Schneider, but he has also secured a sponsorship for the drink cart from The Claro Group.  We are very grateful for Joe and his efforts to ensure that the Golf Outing, which takes place on September 21 at Harborside International Golf Center, will be a success.

Pedota-200We know Joe has many talents when it comes to consulting, but we wanted to see if that translated to golf.  He shared with us his most embarrassing moment on the course: “On vacation several years ago, I went water skiing for the first time and then went golfing.  For the first two holes, I couldn’t hang on to my club because my forearms were so weak from water skiing.  Every time I swung the club, it would fly out of my hand on the follow through.”

Joe joined our YPB because he believes in the difference LAF makes in the lives of their clients and he feels lucky to work beside so many dedicated members on the executive committee.

Thanks for all of your hard work, Joe, and for being a good sport!  We hope you can hang onto your clubs at Harborside on September 21! Tickets and sponsorships can be purchased here.


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