FTI Consulting: LAF Sixth Annual Golf Outing Event Co-Sponsors

We are excited to have FTI Consulting partnering with Brink Gilson & Lione to co-sponsor our Sixth Annual Golf Outing on Monday, September 21 at the Harborside International Golf Center.

Kate Mulholland, a member of the LAF Young Professionals Board and a Business Developer at FTI Consulting specializing in eDiscovery and litigation consulting services, reached out to LAF to see if a law firm would consider co-sponsoring the Golf Outing with FTI. Brinks Gilson & Lione, one of the first and most supportive firms of LAF’s annual event, was happy to partner with the global business advisory firm to sponsor the Outing this year.

Blog post - FTI photoWe are thrilled to have Kate’s involvement with the YPB, and applaud the creative energy she brings to forging this fun partnership with Brinks. Despite being one of the YPB’s newest members, Kate immediately stepped up and got involved: “I joined the YPB because they provide invaluable legal support to people who do not have the same access as others. This enables the clients to move forward with their lives in a positive and productive way” Kate says. “And FTI Consulting is thrilled to be a part of a community that helps those who otherwise cannot afford legal counsel representation. LAF helps thousands of people every year and we are proud to support their mission.”

LAF is excited to welcome Kate to the Young Professionals Board this year, and very grateful to FTI Consulting for partnering with Brinks to ensure the Sixth Annual Golf Outing is another fun day out on the links for everyone.

Come tee off with LAF on Monday, September 21, 2015 at Harborside International Golf Center! Tickets and sponsorships for the Sixth Annual Golf Outing are available now.

Thank you FTI, and thank you Kate!


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