Brinks Gilson & Lione: LAF Sixth Annual Golf Outing Event Co-Sponsors

For the sixth year in a row, Brinks Gilson & Lione, one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the U.S., is at the helm of sponsoring LAF’s Annual Golf Outing, in partnership with the global business advisory firm FTI Consulting. Brinks attorney Brad Lane, a partner experienced in patent and trade secret litigation, has been instrumental year after year in urging attorneys to volunteer their time on matters referred by LAF, as well as securing the firm’s support for the annual golf outing, one of LAF’s most enjoyable annual events.

In addition to being an advocate for LAF at Brinks, Brad has been a long-time supporter of LAF: “I support LAF because of the wide array of legal aid services LAF offers to our community, and its willingness to include the private bar in its mission. Based on my experience in interacting with LAF on various pro bono referrals over the past 15 years, it has been a truly win-win experience — our attorneys have contributed their time to LAF referred matters, and/or have made financial commitments to LAF, and in return have received rewarding pro bono experiences and made positive contributions to the community. Supporting LAF by way of sponsoring the annual LAF golf outing is another example of how Brinks supports this extraordinary legal aid organization’s mission.”


LAF is dedicated to ensuring that low-income individuals and their families receive advocacy, legal representation, and support services in a variety of civil legal areas, including Consumer, Housing, Family, and Public Benefits law.

LAF is thrilled to have Brinks co-sponsoring the Annual Golf Outing again in 2016, and we are deeply grateful to Brad for his continued support of our work!

Come tee off with LAF on Monday, September 21, 2015 at Harborside International Golf Center! Tickets and sponsorships for the Sixth Annual Golf Outing are available now.

Thank you Brinks Gilson & Lione, and thank you Brad!


On Ezekiel and Chocolate Pie

Last month at our Annual Luncheon, LAF presented the Jerold S. Solovy Equal Justice Award to Daniel Lindsey, a Supervisory Attorney in our Consumer Practice Group.  This award is given annually to one attorney on LAF’s staff whose work embodies the work of Jerold Solovy, a proud Chicagoan who worked to change the legal system to improve the lives of people living in poverty.  We are so grateful for Dan and all the work he does, both for everyone at LAF and our clients.

Read his speech from the Luncheon below, and you’ll get a sense of how much he cares about his work at LAF and in our community:

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“LAF helped me realize that women have rights and can seek help.”

On Friday, June 19, LAF client Bhavika Kalani courageously told her story to a crowded ballroom of more than 500 people at our Annual Luncheon.  She overcame an arranged marriage to an abusive husband in India, who moved their family to the U.S. and kept her living in fear.  With LAF’s help, she was able to break free from her husband, obtain sole custody of her children, and start a new life for her family in the United States, with the security and freedom this country promises for all.  You can read more of her story in LAF’s 2014 Annual Report and in LAF’s July eNewsletter.

In her Luncheon speech, she explained the impact LAF has had on her family and their lives:

“My boys finally have a peaceful life here.  We are finally in a good place.  I am working and taking computer classes.  Om is a well-rounded eleven-year-old boy.  He gets all A’s and behaves very well at school.  Shivam is an energetic five-year-old boy who has no memory of his father.  I take both my boys to temple and Sunday classes and swimming classes at YMCA every week.  In the conservative Indian culture that I was raised in, marriage was a forever deal.  I had never seen anybody divorced.  For years, I believed this was going to be my life without any escape from the mental and physical abuse by my husband and his family.  LAF helped me realize that women have rights and can seek help.   I will forever be grateful for the mental peace I have today.  I would like to give back to society by becoming a productive member of this society.  I want every opportunity for my children to excel and be happy.”

We are proud of Bhavika’s bravery and grateful for her willingness to share her story.


Medical-Legal Partnerships and July 2015 eNewsletter

A little girl who lives in a run-down apartment full of black mold can be treated for her asthma forever without getting any better.  Her doctor can’t force her landlord to remove the mold that’s causing the problem, but a lawyer can.  Likewise, a lawyer can’t prescribe the medicine to treat the pain of chronic disease for an elderly man, but she can fight to ensure the patient’s electricity stays on so he can keep his medications refrigerated.  A disabled veteran denied handicap-accessible housing will face further medical trouble because of his poor housing situation.  A diabetic woman denied access to food stamps will face complications because of her inability to obtain healthy foods.  These are the people medical-legal partnerships will help.
A study by the National Center for Medical Legal Partnerships shows that 1 in 6 people needs legal help to live a healthy life.  For those living in poverty like LAF’s clients, legal issues can exacerbate their chronic health problems, and health issues can trigger legal problems.   Medical-legal partnerships allow lawyers and doctors to work together to address the causes and consequences of illness and build a path to long-term health.
LAF has partnerships ongoing and in development across Cook County – with the Howard Brown Health Center,  Provident Hospital, and the Chicago Department of Public Health and Cook County Hospital System.  These groundbreaking projects are bold, local, data-driven approaches to improving health and fighting poverty for the people of Chicagoland.
Carrie Chapman, Director of LAF’s Public Benefits Practice Group, explains: “Medical-legal partnerships offer us a new way to fight poverty and be a part of making lasting changes in our clients’ lives.  By embedding our work within a medical team, we can help our clients be healthier, and healthier clients can take advantage of education, training, and job opportunities and achieve real economic stability.”