LAF Helps Korean War Veteran Get Back On Her Feet

LAF represented the widow of a Korean War veteran, Ms. G, who originally came to LAF because her social security retirement check was being garnished for an over payment of her VA survivor pension. Ms. G was losing about 15% of $1000 a month and her application for waiver was denied. This left her in dire financial strain and desperate for help. We helped her appeal the waiver denial, and also noticed that she should still be eligible for a small portion of VA survivor pension benefits because she required home caretaker services. LAF advocated with the VA on behalf of Ms. G and helped her document her medical cost. Eventually the VA eliminated the over payment which restored Ms. G’s full social security check. The VA also found Ms. G eligible for a small VA survivor pension amount to help pay for her out of pocket medical costs for her caretaker. Now, she was not only receiving the full $1000 social security check, but also additional benefits she didn’t even realize she was eligible for. This increase in income made a big difference to Ms. G and her livelihood.

To continue allowing LAF to change the lives of vulnerable veterans, like Ms. G, please consider participating in this year’s Veterans Charity Challenge by donating at


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