April 2015 eNewsletter

LAF’s clients come in all shapes and sizes.  Many are college-educated or homeowners or veterans.  Most don’t think of themselves as the sort of people who would ever need services like LAF’s.  But when they come to us, most are at the end of their ropes and don’t know where else to turn, like Josefina, whose story you can read in this month’s eNewsletter. Indeed, recent research shows that more than half of public assistance, like food stamps and Medicaid, goes to working families – people with minimum wage jobs who just can’t make ends meet and need help.  LAF is here to level the playing field and get that help for our clients, to find stability, safety, and security through the legal system.
As always, on behalf of the staff, the Board, the YPB, and all the clients we serve here at LAF, thank you for your generosity and support of our work.  You can continue that support by making a tax-deductible donation today, or reading more about LAF’s work in this month’s eNewsletter.

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