Sponsor in the Spotlight: Veritext Legal Solutions

As we planned out this sponsor highlight series for Justice is Served 2015, we asked our YPB members to tell us the most memorable thing they’ve done with LAF.  Today’s sponsor in the spotlight, Veritext Legal Solutions, is represented by one of our best – and most humble – YPB members. Elizabeth Lewis, a National Account Manager with Veritext, is the heart, soul and brains behind our party planning operations on the YPB.

Simply put, events like Justice is Served would never be as polished or as fun as they are, if Elizabeth wasn’t helping to plan them.  And yet, ever unwilling to claim the credit she deserves, Elizabeth wrote us back: “I support LAF because everyone is entitled to equal justice and access to legal representation to protect their rights.  As far as the most memorable thing, though, I don’t really have anything good here because I can’t do any of the lawyerly stuff (pro bono cases, etc.)…all I do is help throw parties and go golfing.”

To which we say, the parties and the golfing make the lawyerly stuff happen.  Thank you Elizabeth for all of your terrific work on our behalf, and a big thank you to Veritext for supporting us, and all of the wonderful things Elizabeth makes possible as a leader on our YPB.


Elizabeth Lewis with LAF Governing Board member and Justice is Served Guest Emcee Flip Corboy.


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