Sponsor in the Spotlight: The Claro Group

LAF has been really fortunate in the past few years to meet new supporters working in fields outside of law firms who have become some of our best ambassadors.  In the case of The Claro Group, LAF lucked out a few years ago when Joe Pedota and Zack Kelsey both joined the YPB.

Joe, a Director in The Claro Group’s Government Contract Consulting practice, is serving as a Co-Chair of the 2015 LAF Annual Golf Outing.  “I support LAF because the services they provide have a significant impact on the lives of the people they serve,” he recently told us.

Zack, a Manager in The Claro Group’s Disputes, Claims and Investigations practice, noted the exposure being on the YPB has given him to connect with others supporting LAF:  “The YPB has given me an opportunity to work with great people dedicated to finding ways to provide justice to those most in need,” he said.

Pedota and KelseyMembers like Joe and Zack are raising visibility for LAF with new audiences in the Chicago business community, and bringing new financial support into the fold for our work, both with their own firms and with others.  We are very grateful for all their terrific work on our behalf, as well as to The Claro Group for the generous support they have provided to them and their advocacy on our behalf.

Justice is Served 2015 will be held on April 10 at The Tortoise Club, featuring live entertainment from John Wade Jazz and a silent auction.  Tickets for the evening are $150 and can be purchased here.  All proceeds from the evening benefit LAF in its mission to provide free legal services to people living in poverty across the Chicagoland area.  Learn more about LAF at www.lafchicago.org.


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