Civil Legal Assistance is a Potent Anti-Poverty Tool

This article on Huffington Post’s Impact Blog, written by our friends at Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation sums up a lot of why LAF’s work is so impactful.  It starts with a story:

Sargent Shriver, President Johnson’s personal choice to lead the War on Poverty, was once asked which of the anti-poverty programs he thought was the most important. “My favorite is Head Start because it was my idea,” he answered. “But I am proudest of Legal Services because I recognized that it had the greatest potential for changing the system under which people’s lives were being exploited.”

Every day we see this potential for changing the system.  When our clients first arrive at LAF they are in crisis, contending with a variety of non-criminal legal issues, including families dealing with unfair evictions, victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking, and veterans denied access to health care or benefits.  LAF helps the individuals we meet to get their lives back on track, and clears the way to a brighter future free from the cycle of poverty.

Read the whole article here.


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