Celebrating VISTA: Hannah Shireman

Hannah Shireman, originally from the cornfields of Indiana, started her year of service at LAF in August of 2014. A lot of her friends have done different AmeriCorps programs and she thought it would be a fun experience after graduating from Indiana University. Hannah has a degree in Sociology, Political and Civic Engagement, and Criminal Justice. She is 23 years old and enjoys reading, running, and hanging out with her adorable dog Harvey in her free time.

HANYAHannah is the VISTA Outreach Coordinator in the Immigrants and Workers’ Rights
Practice Group at LAF. She has prior experience in combatting human trafficking through internships, and thought the position at LAF would give her a different kind of knowledge on an issue she was already passionate about. Hannah explains that she wants to change the way people think about human trafficking. “I want to change the misconception that human trafficking only applies to sex trafficking; labor trafficking is just as prominent of an issue.” To accomplish this goal, she attends task force meetings with various legal service agencies, non-profits, law enforcements, and academic groups from all over the state . In the summer, Hannah will get go to different communities across Illinois and teach them about the danger of human trafficking in the United States.

Hannah would like to spend this year preparing to take the GRE exam so she can go to grad school and continue her work in the non-profit world. She also has dreams of one day returning to Copenhagen and living happily ever after with Harvey. Keep up the awesome work, Hannah!


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