Celebrating VISTA: Camille Taylor

Hailing from DePaul University College of Law, Camille “Cami” Taylor is a 29 year old VISTA Attorney in the Children’s and Families Practice Group at LAF. Cami is originally from Littleton, Colorado and moved to Chicago in 2010 for law school, where she received her Juris Doctor degree. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, singing, dancing, and hanging out with her friends.
She came to LAF with a desire to learn more about public interest law, and figured working for the largest provider of free legal aid in Cook County would be the perfect place to start. She began her VISTA term in August and is hoping her year of service with LAF will enable her to gain the legal skills needed to further her career in public interest law.

Cami performs an array of tasks at LAF, from answering calls and e-mails from clients to leading community outreach efforts and working the juvenile expungement help desk twice a week. She also helps to plan juvenile expungement clinics for pro bono volunteers with LAF, and makes community presentations on the importance of juvenile justice. Although it can sometimes be stressful, seeing the immense appreciation of clients makes it all worth it for Cami. “My clients often come to me feeling frustrated and like they have hit a brick wall, but something as simple as handing them the proper form to fill out means so much to them.”

In the future, Cami would like to work with troubled youth and show them a path for a brighter future. She believes that with the guidance of her supervisor and other attorneys here at LAF, she will gain the legal skills necessary to help her have a successful and rewarding career.


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