Anakin Morris: Celebrating LAF

Today we hear from a very vital member of the LAF staff, our Development Officer, Anakin Morris. Anakin is part of the External Relations team here at LAF and is a major reason why we are able to provide legal service to so many clients. Although he does not have direct contact with these clients, he is thankful that his daily efforts have an effect on their livelihood:

“I am proud to be a part of LAF, because legal aid is one of the few really comprehensiveanakin ways to combat poverty in people’s lives. Poverty hits people when they’re already down, and takes advantage of the already disadvantaged. LAF levels the playing field and gives a fair shot to those who wouldn’t otherwise get one. I don’t have any contact with our clients – I do marketing and fundraising and events – but I come in here every day knowing that what I do makes my colleagues’ work possible. I love being able to tell their stories and cheer on their successes, and I am grateful to be included in this powerful and important work.”

You rock Anakin, Thanks!


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