Jennifer A. Beardsley: Celebrating LAF

Jennifer A. Beardsley, a Staff Attorney in our Consumer Practice Group, has worked for three other legal service programs around the country before she ended up here at LAF. Although each one has its quirks and stories, she shared one specific client story. Jennifer worked with this client for two years and talked about the different ways this work made her appreciate LAF:

Olympic National Forest“In just over two years I have represented Ms. Johnson in three suits where she was sued by various debt buyers who did not have sufficient proof that they owned her alleged debts. Ms. Johnson is 79 and on a fixed income. We have been able to get each case dismissed, which saved her home and kept her out of bankruptcy. I even helped her complete the paperwork to change her first name to the one she has been going by for 50+ years. She calls me her extra daughter and always gives me hugs. That type of appreciation reminds me why I chose poverty law as my career.”

Help us to keep changing the lives of individuals like Ms. Johnson by donating to LAF this holiday season.

Thank you, Jennifer! Keep up the great work!


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