July 2014 eNewsletter

Other organizations might slow down in the summer, but it has been a busy few months here at LAF.
Our Young Professionals Board, which began in 2009, celebrated its fifth anniversary.  Five years ago the YPB had its first outing – a trip out on Lake Michigan on a cruise ship.  Ticket sales just barely covered the cost of the boat.  Fast forward to last November, when the YPB sold out a whiskey bar in the West Loop and – literally – drank it dry, and you can see how far this Board has come.  The YPB has continually upped its fundraising goals, and then surpassed them, raising over $120,000 for LAF in 2013.  This year, the YPB is on track to blow past its goal of $125,000.
The YPB also hosted an event to thank our summer law student interns for all their hard work, and now many of them are working hard on our upcoming Golf Outing in September (as well as planning for this year’s Autumn Affair – stay tuned for details!)  They’re amazing and we couldn’t be prouder of them, or more grateful to them for all of their work on behalf of LAF.

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