Urgent Pro Bono Opportunity!

LAF’s Pro Bono Project has an urgent opportunity for a volunteer attorney to make a real difference in the life of a client’s family.  We have a case to appeal on behalf of a parent who is being indicted for endangering a child, for incidents the client was not involved in.  It is a good case, and can be resolved quickly.

The case will likely take 5-10 hours of volunteer work.  LAF is looking for an attorney with enough experience to take the lead on this case, though LAF will provide guidance and support. Experience can be gained in client interviewing, one-on-one client counseling, motion practice (there is a technical defense in this case) trial skills, and administrative hearings.  This matter is set for hearing on April 3, 2014. The client was already granted one continuance, and if a pro bono attorney is willing to take this, we would seek a continuance of the hearing to a later date, because there is insufficient time to prepare.  If an attorney asks for the continuance it has a better chance of being granted, than if the client goes in on her own.

Please contact Mara Block at mblock@lafchicago.org as soon as possible if you are interested or if you’d like more information.  Thank you.



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