Mara Block: My Work Matters

Mara Block, LAF’s newly-appointed Director of Volunteer Services, works with our pro bono partners and helps extend the experience of helping our clients to the private bar and volunteer attorneys.  When asked why she works at LAF, she said:

My role here at LAF is a little different than most. Even though I came up through the ranks as a litigator at LAF’s Westside office in Lawndale, I now have only a little day-to-day contact with our clients. As LAF’s Director of Volunteer Services, my role is to engage private attorneys and the broader community involved in our clients’ cases and supporting LAF’s operations.
In its essence, I get to help people help people!
I loved directly representing our clients in court and administrative proceedings, and still love doing it when I get the chance, but I find it immensely satisfying to help others have that experience, too. I love the excitement and joy that our volunteers feel when they get a successful result for a client. I get to share that good result and hard work with the attorneys’ firms and partners, telling managing partners at law firms that their associate knocked it out of the park! It’s good for the attorneys, good for LAF and great for the low-income clients we serve. The added bonus is that I get to expose the private bar to LAF’s fabulous staff attorneys as the bulldog experts they are.
I am really proud of the work LAF has done over the past two years to evolve our Pro Bono Project into a well-respected and supportive place for volunteers. We have devoted valuable resources to make sure that volunteers have a good experience in the work they do with LAF and to ensure that clients get great representation to achieve their legal goals.”

As we wrap up 2013, you still have a few hours to make a tax-deductible contribution to LAF so we can continue to be there for those who need us most.  This post also wraps up our “My Work Matters” series.  Thank you for your support, and thanks to Mara, and everyone at LAF, for all you do!


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