Miguel Keberlein Gutierrez: My Work Matters

Miguel Keberlein Gutierrez is a supervisory attorney in our Immigrants and Workers’ Rights Practice Group, and is the director of the Illinois Migrant Legal Assistance Project (IMLAP).  As the son of a Guatemalan immigrant, he understands the struggles that immigrants face while working in this country.  We profiled Miguel almost a year ago, in our January 2013 eNewsletter, which you can still read here.  Read about his reasons for supporting LAF:

“Migrant farmworkers are some of the hardest working and most defenseless members of our society.  These vulnerable workers often have no voice to defend themselves against financial exploitation, sexual abuse, human trafficking, exposure to dangerous chemicals, dangerous housing, and other workplace hazards. Justice for those who put food on our tables is a hallmark of a fair and free nation.  LAF provides a voice for the nearly 75,000 farmworkers in Illinois who help feed a nation, and I am proud to be part of this effort.

You can support these farmworkers too, by donating today.  Thanks, Miguel!


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