Jennifer Payne: My Work Matters

Jennifer Payne, a staff attorney in our Consumer Group, is always busy helping improve our clients’ lives.  The solutions LAF procures through the legal system are real solutions to their problems, not just band-aid fixes.  For clients like Mary, Jennifer is able to solve her problems in the long term.  Read about Jennifer and Mary here:

“I work at LAF because of clients like Mary Brown.  Mary raised her three children in a subsidized apartment on Chicago’s west side.  She received an eviction notice after her youngest son was arrested in a case of mistaken identity, which took over a year to resolve in criminal court.  Mary came to LAF seeking help in the eviction case.  During my initial interview of Mary, I asked about the arrest. She responded by saying, “Now, before I tell you about that, I want you to know that my two oldest sons graduated from college.  I’m very proud of that.  Also, I want you to know that I’ve lived in that apartment for 30 years, and all of the flowers along the side of the building  . . . well, those are my flowers.  I planted them.  And the flowers in the middle of the boulevard – those are mine too.  You see, I don’t treat the apartment like I’m a tenant.  It’s my home and I take care of it like it’s my own.”  
The property management company actually loved Mary and did not want to evict her, but had been mandated by the housing authority to send her an eviction notice due to her son’s arrest.  With our help, Mary was able to settle the case. 
Because I work at LAF, I get to represent people like Mary, who still lives in the apartment today and continues to plant flowers along the boulevard.

You can donate to day to support people like Jennifer help people like Mary.  Thanks, Jennifer!


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