Caroline Longstreet: My Work Matters

Today’s story is from Caroline Longstreet, the co-director of our Client Screening Unit.  Though nearly invisible to the rest of the legal system, Caroline’s work is nearly all of our clients’ first contact with LAF, and she leads her team in helping those clients with compassion and expertise.  Read why she works with us here:

“I work in the Client Screening Unit at LAF because I believe that every time we pick up the telephone to speak with a client, the quest for equal justice begins. Many of our clients expend their energy trying to stay afloat and alive in an ocean of hazards:  joblessness, hunger, inadequate housing, inadequate health care, fraud, and the incomprehensible rules of huge institutions, public and private. In spite of these dangers, they are usually brave and resourceful.  When our clients reach out to us, our Intake Attorneys and Intake Specialists summon their compassion and expertise to launch lifeboats for our clients. We give telephone advice, refer clients to community partners, and best of all, we connect clients to LAF’s outstanding litigation attorneys. I am sustained by the belief that equal justice starts at CSU, is perfected in the Practice Groups, and is fostered at every level of LAF.”

Thanks, Caroline!


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