Vivian Hessel: My Work Matters

We continue our staff profiles with Vivian Hessel, our Director of Technology for Advocates, who helps interface our IT department and connects our attorneys with their technological needs.  Her work allows us to continue to improve our systems to expand our client outreach and help even more people solve their legal problems and get their lives back on track.  About her work, Vivian says:

“I work at LAF because I love the work, pure and simple.  I love the challenge of finding new ways to make the law available to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access it.  For example, figuring out new ways we can serve more clients, or creating tools to help our clients understand and use the law – to get their apartments repaired, to secure medical services for their children, to find child care, and more.  I work at LAF because I know that what we do makes a difference in our clients’ lives, whether we win or lose, whether it’s big or small, we make a difference.”

You too can make a difference, big or small, by donating to support LAF.  

Thanks, Vivian!


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