Rich Cozzola: My Work Matters

Rich Cozzola is the Director of our Children and Families Practice Group, and one of those people who you can’t talk to for more than a few minutes without getting great stories.  He staged this photo to include his best friend, whose office he can see from his window.  Every day, he brings his joy to those around him, to those out his window and all of us in our offices.  

Read more about the inspiration Rich gets from working at LAF:

“I love working at LAF because our work makes an impact on our clients lives, and our clients’ lives impact us.
Every day at work I get to work with people who have chosen to seek justice for the people we serve.  Every day I learn how they have accomplished that goal.  One helps protect a domestic violence victim, another helps grandparents who step in and raise grandchildren when parents cannot, another preserves a home for a family by avoiding eviction or foreclosure.  And still another listens on our intake line to a desperate client who thanks her for being willing to listen and help, because no one else has, until she called LAF.  All of these and much more happen every day because of the work of my colleagues.
And our clients teach us something too.  How to live compassionately in spite of the crush of poverty.  How to live with dignity when institutions that should serve them, miss the mark instead.  And how to persevere, for their families, in spite of overwhelming odds.
Why do I love working at LAF? It’s simple.  Every day at LAF is an inspiration.”

Thanks, Rich!  Your work is an inspiration for us!


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