Martha Tonn: My Work Matters

Today’s story is from Martha Tonn, a senior attorney in our Public Benefits Practice Group.  She has been at LAF since 1984, and in that time she has helped countless people from around Chicago to gain access to the government benefits to which they’re entitled.  She’s gratified to be able to change their lives for the better.  Read why she keeps coming back to LAF:

“I work at LAF because we provide quality legal services to deserving clients.  In the 29 years that I have worked for LAF I have represented clients in need of housing assistance, orders of protection, medical cards, and disability benefits from the social security administration.  The clients, in all of these instances, have responded with gratitude and graciousness.
I once spent a number of hours assisting a client in obtaining social security benefits he was entitled to receive.  I still periodically receive telephone messages from this client, who repeatedly expresses his gratitude to both me and LAF.  There is nothing more gratifying than using your legal skills to change another person’s life for the better.  The attorneys at LAF do this on a daily basis, and I am proud to be one of them.”

Thanks, Martha!


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