Melissa Katt: My Work Matters

Melissa Katt is a staff attorney in our Pro Bono Project.  She helps connect our volunteers with clients, to provide them with even more specialized legal help than we can give them ourselves.  She is proud of sharing their collective passions and experiences with our clients.  Read more about why she works at LAF:

“I work at LAF because I want to be part of a movement working towards achieving equal justice for all Chicagoans by making the legal system accessible to those who cannot otherwise afford representation. I love LAF’s dedication to providing high quality civil legal services to Chicago’s most vulnerable populations.
Working at LAF allows me the opportunity to meet new and amazing people every day – clients, coworkers, volunteers, and other community members. Through representing clients at LAF, I learn about their struggles and hardships, as well as their resiliency and successes. Despite their circumstances, our clients are some of the most thoughtful, caring, and enthusiastic people you will ever meet. In addition to working with great clients, I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with incredibly dedicated, compassionate, and smart colleagues and volunteers every day. By sharing their collective passions and experiences, my coworkers make me a better lawyer, and a better person.

Thanks, Melissa!


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