Dan Lindsey: My Work Matters

Today we hear from Dan Lindsey, a Supervisory Attorney in our Consumer Practice Group.  His story speaks for itself:

“I work at LAF because of clients like Ms. Jones, a single mom who was working two part-time jobs to pay her mortgage.  When Ms. Jones’ mother died, funeral expenses caused her to fall behind.  Ms. Jones heard a radio ad and contacted a company offering to “save her home from foreclosure.”  Unfortunately, Ms. Jones was tricked into signing over title to the home, and was left in the position of a tenant facing eviction.  We intervened to get the home back.  During the years we were litigating the case, Ms. Jones was able to remain in the home and see her son graduate from high school with a college scholarship.  Ms. Jones says this was her proudest moment.  One of my proudest moments was when I walked my daughter to the bus stop one morning and she asked me about this case.  She had come with me to work one day and watched part of the trial.  When I told my daughter that morning at the bus stop that we had won the case, she hugged me and said, “I’m proud of you, daddy.”  So while I work at LAF because of clients like Ms. Jones, I also work at LAF because of my daughter.

We’re proud of you too, Dan!

You can donate here to support Dan’s work, and all the work we do at LAF.


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