Tim Hufman: My Work Matters

Today’s story is from Tim Hufman, a supervisory attorney in our Housing Practice Group.  We’ve profiled Tim on the blog before; back in June, when he was given the Jerold S. Solovy Award at our Annual Luncheon, he gave a moving speech that summed up our work beautifully.  You can read more about that award and his speech in our previous blog post here.  Though humble, Tim is a driving force for the work we do at LAF, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all he has given to LAF.  Read why he works with us here:

Life is unfair.  We all know that.  For some, it is more unfair than for others.
How does one respond to this fundamental fact of life?  Ignore it with the hope it will go away and not really touch our lives?  Cynically acknowledge it, but do nothing because “really, nothing can be done!”  Or recognize the integral part we play in the complexities of life and take responsibility for the way we respond to how this unfairness plays out in the community where we live.  

There are many people reading these comments who are doing more than I in sharing their gifts and talents to help those who have been given less.  Yet, I feel fortunate to be here at LAF and to be given this opportunity to offer my services to those who have otherwise been passed by.”

Thanks, Tim!


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